Hello, everyone! I felt like naming this post “Pilot” because it reminds me of how all shows and TV series name their first episode “Pilot.” My name is Makayla Bennett and I am so happy to have this chance to join the blogging world. I’ve been wanting to blog for a VERY long time publicly. I started out blogging so that I could have a diary online that none of my many sisters would find. I only ever had 3 followers and I never posted on a regular basis. So, I’m super excited to take some initiative and keep a public blog that focuses on things that everyone loves!

My goal in starting this blog is to be able to satisfy my desire to write and encourage others. I named this blog “This Bennettiction” because my husband’s and my last name is Bennett and ‘benediction’ means ‘blessing.’ It seemed only fitting to merge the two to get “Bennettiction.” 🙂 My husband (since January 2017) has been such a blessing to me and I felt that our shared last name is a reflection of God’s blessing on our marriage and new life together.

This Bennettiction will be focusing on topics like homesteading, travel, family, cooking, organizing, and college. These topics really mean a lot to me and I can’t wait to share my little two cents with someone out there.

I look forward to writing for you all and publishing good, consistent content. This new phase of married life + blogging is going to be great and exciting! I can’t wait to see where God leads!

– Makayla Bennett


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