How to Spring-ify Your Bed

So, it’s officially spring! I feel like I can hear everyone cheering (maybe it’s just me). Anyway, the air is clean and the sun is bright. The change in the smell of the grass and wind always makes me want to clean and reorganize to feel just as fresh as the season. 🙂 One of the ways I did this, was my revamping our bed.


There are so many little adjustments that brightened up the whole room. (I’m also going to add here that we rent so the paint color was not our choice).

I changed our normally thick, gray comforter with this thin, Egyptian white cotton blanket. It was a gift for our wedding, so I’m not sure where it came from, but if you search white Egyptian cotton blanket on Amazon, something is likely to pop up.


These large white pillows are from TJ Maxx. They are so huge and comfy, they are great to cozy up with, and yet they are bright and springy, too! The wonderful gray pillow with white dots is also from TJ Maxx and provides the perfect pop of subtle color (sounds contradictory, but it’s true). The Love You More pillow was a gift from my husband for Christmas. I picked out the “Our nest is blessed” pillow before we got married, and we moved in and found they matched! They’re both from Walmart and the print makes our room seem happy. 🙂


These blankets give the bed a cozy pop of color and culture! The top blanket is from TJ Maxx (I believe; it’s been a while). The patterned blanket is from a market in Quito, Ecuador. It’s made from Alpaca and is the greatest blanket. I fold it open to act as an extra layer of covering when we go to be.

Here would also be a great place to mention that we don’t use a bed frame. It works out great for us.


I put on white lightly patterned sheets to complement the white cover and keep everything looking nice and bright. I don’t remember where I got them, but any nice and light sheets are sure to brighten up your space!

Have fun trying these new, bright (pun) ideas! Share your ideas of revamping your bedroom with me in the comments!

~ M

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