Unconventional: 4 Ways to Earn College Credit

Hello everyone!

As a student with Lumerit Education, I have a very flexible degree plan that I can do at my own pace and focus on my own interests when picking my classes. There are many different ways I have learned of (and tried) to earn college credit the unconventional, unbound way! Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Study.com: study.com offers thousands of courses in subjects like English, Math, Science, History, Business, and Psychology! Each course has a 5-10 minute video with a transcript of the lesson and a 5-question quiz after each lesson. Once you’ve completed all the quizzes, you can take the practice and final exam to earn credit! With a 70% score or higher (reported 1-2 weeks after taking the exam), you earn the credits. Some courses also provide you with the option of testing out of material, which can save you even more time! Study.com is $200/month and you can take two exams each month – that’s 6 credits for $200!
  2. straighterline.com: Straighterline provides many courses that are all self-paced and offer transferable credit to most colleges. Each course has so many chapters with short quizzes at the end. There is a proctored midterm and final (some are open book) and if you have the dedication to keep yourself on track, you can finish in about 1 month, depending on your time availability. Straighterline has a monthly subscription fee of $99, plus the cost of whichever courses you pick (typically $59/course). They provide you with links to purchase your textbook through Amazon, or (I recommend) their e-textbook. With the e-textbook, you can highlight or add notes, and it is allowed (during open book tests) to search the online textbook for keywords from things you highlighted making it even easier to bring those buried facts to mind!
  3. CLEP: CLEP is one of my most-used options. If you are great at test-taking and good at studying, CLEP is for you. Choose from an array of test subjects from History and Math, to Psychology and Literature. REA provides study books (and practice exams) that correlate exactly with most of the CLEP tests (here). CLEP also provides a large study/practice exam book for their most common exams (here). CLEPs are $80/course ticket and usually $25 for your local testing center to administer the exam. The exams are usually 90-120 questions to be done in 2 hours. Exams can be worth 3-6 credits.
  4. ALEKS: ALEKS is a great way to earn math credit if you struggle with math (me), aren’t a great math test-taker (also me), or are super great at math and want to do it fast (definitely not me). ALEKS is great because it offers you self-paced courses that adapt to you as you make your way through the course. Once you have completed 70% of the course, you can apply (and receive) 3 credits! No exams, no extra hassle if math is not your forte. Just simple, effective math courses that help you get the credit you need in a quick manner.

That’s all I have for you today! I hope this was helpful for you whether you are in college or looking to be in college. These methods have helped me along my degree path and it’s definitely paid off. Feel free to leave any other questions in the comments and I’d be glad to be of service!

Happy studying!

~ M

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