Army Corps Travels – Day 1

Hey everyone!

Since we have moved, my husband got a new job with the Army Corps of Engineers as a welder. He’s been doing a lot of training and his first time welding for the Army Corps is in a different state! For the next few months we will be traveling back and forth from Pennsylvania to Indiana – 12 days on, 2 days off.

It was an 8 hour drive and we made it safely. 🙂 I thought today I would share some things that made our drive interesting and enjoyable.


1 – Check out this tiny house, guys! We were driving through Indiana and saw this amazing tiny house being towed along by some unknown genius driving a pickup. I love how the wood is tinted gray. I was just dying to know what was inside! Leland and I got to talking and started getting inspired to maybe take that tiny house leap someday when we have funds for that sort of thing. 🙂 Here are some more pictures:


2 – The other cool thing about our drive was that we got to go into Kentucky. Leland has never been to Kentucky so we were excited to drive through. We drove into Kentucky from Cincinnati but ended up getting turned around from construction, so we got to be sitting in Kentucky and being able to see Cincinnati. It’s weird and super cool. 🙂


The buildings in the skyline are Cincinnati and we are sitting across the river in Kentucky. 🙂

So those are a few things that made us have an enjoyable, interesting drive! Maybe on our days back home I’ll get to take some pictures and show you all our cute bungalow – We’re practically all moved in, but we’re still working on a few things. I can’t wait to showcase it for you all. 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

~ M

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