Army Corps Travels – Almost Done!

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while, but life has been so hectic since this travelling has become the norm for us. Let me catch you all up –

The second leg of our journey, I was unable to go with Leland because I had exams that I had to take in person at a campus instead of online. It was one of the most stressful weeks of my life and I am so happy it’s over. First, I’ve never lived alone and I had to spend 11 nights alone in a house by myself. That alone wasn’t very fun, but then I had to complete a semester’s length class on Shakespeare (plus the two exams) in 9 days. I still have no idea how I got straight A’s through that. I know for sure that most of it was kissing up, haha! You know the type, “I think Shakespeare was conveying a tone of confusion and betrayal through that character that was central to the plot and the formation of supporting roles,” and the like. I think the main thing I learned from that week was that I need my husband and couldn’t do life without him. Sleeping alone was so not enjoyable.

Also, that week I about had a heart attack because I thought I was going to have to handle a burglar by myself. Now to clarify, I didn’t see the person and they didn’t break in, but when you have been staying hundreds of miles away from your husband in a house all by yourself, sleep deprived, and out studied because you’re realizing that you can’t finish two Shakespeare books, write two papers, get them graded, and schedule your exam and still have time to sleep in the same night and it’s 11pm already and you’ve read the same sentence 5 times and don’t remember anything about it and you’re eyes are getting blurry from sleep and all the sudden you hear someone POUND ON YOUR DOOR THREE TIMES YOU DON’T THINK CLEARLY. WHO KNOCKS ON SOMEONE’S DOOR AT 11PM??

My first thoughts were “I’m going to die. They know I’m home alone. I’ll have to shoot someone. But the gun’s not loaded. I don’t think I can shoot someone. I’ll just threaten. Should I call the police? Stay away from the window? Oh, God I’m going to get attacked. I know, I’ll call my family who lives 3 hours away for moral support.” I call them of course and I had my Dad about ready to come and stay with me even though he was 3 hours away! I love my Dad. By the time I brought myself to check the window, I couldn’t see anyone. Needless to say I called 911 for the first time in my life, frantically loaded a shotgun and when the police knocked on my door I was shaking and had finally stopped crying and sobbing for no reason. Then I felt like an idiot because they checked the house and no one was there so they left and said they’d keep their eyes open. On another note, I did not take my exam that next morning. THANK GOD. I hardly slept thinking every noise from the window air conditioner and fridge was some strange man trying to break in and smother me in my sleep.

I think the day Leland came back for the weekend was one of the happiest and most relieved days I’ve ever had. 🙂

After all that, we came back to Indiana and we’ve been here ever since (minus one 4 day weekend.) The latest news is that we are able to go home for good on the 13th which seems SO close now!

Some things I can’t wait to do when I get back:

  1. Clean my house
  2. Do my laundry in my own home
  3. Cook my own meals
  4. BAKE
  5. Cook (yes this goes on here twice… it’s that important)
  6. Visit family
  7. Get rid of the stuff in my house that’s been waiting to get bought on Letgo and Facebook Marketplace

Life can be a crazy adventure with my wonderful husband, but it is so worth it to get to be with him all the time and not have to stay home alone. I could do anything with this one. 🙂


I’ll be sure and do a house update once we actually live at home again!

Have a wonderful, adventure-filled day!

~ M

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