My Phone is Listening to Me?!

No, I don't mean that my phone understands me and is there for me emotionally as I go through life, listening to my needs and helping me out. My phone is literally listening to me all the time and I've had some weird experiences lately which have creeped me out considerably and sent me on… Continue reading My Phone is Listening to Me?!

4 Annoying Things People Say to Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is hard enough work without people constantly telling you annoying things or pointing out how their experience will be exactly what you go through. At almost 28 weeks pregnant, I've realized what I appreciate being told and what I really wish people would just leave out. Here are some annoying things that people… Continue reading 4 Annoying Things People Say to Pregnant Women

Why Minimalism Entices Me

Probably everyone has heard of minimalism by now and knows the movement. From tiny homes, to living out of one duffel bag, to only owning one spoon, minimalism to the general public can seem like this ridiculously impractical lifestyle. Let me tell you that the thing that entices me about minimalism is probably what most… Continue reading Why Minimalism Entices Me