4 Annoying Things People Say to Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is hard enough work without people constantly telling you annoying things or pointing out how their experience will be exactly what you go through. At almost 28 weeks pregnant, I’ve realized what I appreciate being told and what I really wish people would just leave out. Here are some annoying things that people say to pregnant people that, let’s be honest, they just shouldn’t.

  1. “Hey it’s been a while. Is it this month?”

This comment was given by a guy so I give him a LITTLE slack just because, well, he’s a guy. What would he know about my uterus size? But seriously. Even if you forgot when I’m due, just ask me when I’m due…. Don’t assume it’s THIS month… So, no. I’m not due this month. I have two more months to go yet….

2. “Isn’t pregnancy such a wonderful thing? Don’t you just love it?” AS they touch your stomach without asking. -_-

Yes. I LOVE being pregnant so far. I haven’t had a bad experience at all. No morning sickness, no swollen feet, no varicose veins or stretch marks, and that line down the center of my stomach hasn’t shown up yet. But, it’s a little hard to appreciate how beautiful my pregnancy is when I am suddenly self-conscious about my stomach as you rub every expanded part of my abdomen without asking if it’s okay first. Do you pet people’s dog’s without asking too? Just ask and don’t be creepy about it when I say “Sure.” One touch or two is fine but it’s really awkward having someone rub your entire stomach with both hands as they carry on a conversation with you for 10 minutes.

3. “It’s getting close now isn’t it? Wait until that baby comes, you’ll be tired all the time! But it will be worth it.”

Okay. I said I was tired… Which I have a right to be… I’m growing a human… Thank you for the encouraging words letting me know that the tiredness I feel right now means absolutely nothing because I’m going to be a walking zombie in two months. That really makes me believe that you enjoyed motherhood. Why don’t you mention how my body will never be the same and I’ll never have any time to myself because the next 18 years will be about pleasing a tiny me? A few positive comments wouldn’t hurt.

4. “I had (FILL IN THE BLANK) labor experience. Let me tell you all about it in detail and let you know that you’re going to experience the exact. same. thing.”

This annoys me the most. I am going to be severe on my own sex by saying that I will be the first to admit that women suck sometimes. Why do we feel like we have to force our experiences onto other people? Just because something happened to you, doesn’t mean that’s how it’s going to go down for me or anyone else. I don’t know if it’s some sort of justifying thing where what happened to you has to be worth something by letting other people know about it or what. Your labor experience is yours and it’s beautiful and meaningful. But please, don’t tell me about your forceps and lengthy labor and how that might happen to me. I’m prepared for my birth experience going however it may, but hearing horror stories doesn’t put me in a healthy frame of mind for delivery and it doesn’t benefit anyone involved. Just resolve that everyone’s experience is different and if I really want every detail of what happened to your uterus and all that, I’ll ask. Trust me. If I wanted to know, I’d ask.

I know everyone means well and these really aren’t that bad, I just had to get some of them off my chest. People will be people but ultimately this pregnancy is mine and I’m the one carrying this baby. I’ll figure things out like the billions of women before me and I’ll enjoy every minute because I’m not focused on everybody’s negative, gory, ill-timed advice columns.

If you’re expecting and you have had some awkward experiences like these, comment them below! If nothing else we can get some good laughs at how unknowingly insensitive people can be and enjoy the fact that we aren’t harboring bitterness. 🙂 Thanks for liking these posts and following to see more of my adventures as a wife and pregnant 20-year-old.

Have a great weekend!

~ M

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