Rough House Tour

Hello everyone!

I decided to do a house tour today because it seems that my husband and I will be moving again very soon! I’m showing you exactly what it looks like today so it won’t be too special… this is real life in these photos. Take it with a grain of salt 🙂

This is the living room. We have a very skinny living room so the coffee table is against the wall instead of near the couch to prop your feet up. Once we move, I hope to put the coffee table in the normal place. 🙂

The cedar chest I received from my grandmother holds Christmas decorations and some other things we don’t use on a daily basis and serves as the TV stand.

The lamp next to the coffee table on the back wall is excellent because there is no lighting in the living room otherwise. The top lamp has three brightness settings and the bottom one has one setting. It’s come in so much handy and it was only $11 at Walmart! My husband made that find and I think he did a great job!

I bought the fabric bin for blankets before we were married and if I remember correctly, it was $11 at TJ Maxx. It is perfect for keeping our three blankets off the floor and I love the color of it with the rest of the room. We were super blessed that the paint colors in this rental go great with the items we already have. 🙂

We have all of our instruments in the corner of the room, but someday we would like to have them hanging on the wall. We have a violin, saxophone, guitar, banjo, harmonica, ukulele, and then a cello in the dining room. Quite the musical array. 🙂

This is the dining room. Side note, on the table is not toilet paper – it’s paper towels, haha! My apologies 🙂 The bookshelf on the built in was handmade by a family friend and was given to me as a present for my graduation. It fit perfectly in that corner like it was made to go there! I was very happy with how it turned out.

We have a very small kitchen, but we’ve made it work. The cabinets are insanely high, so I only keep things on the first shelf because I can’t reach the rest. The corner cabinet does make use of the top shelf for kitchen things I don’t use. Maybe once we move I will be able to use them. I think I keep a coffee maker and filters and a wooden cheese board up there.

The bedroom is messy, so excuse that if you would. The Moses basket in the back of the room is for our daughter when she’s born and we’ll use it for the first few weeks to keep her close to us before moving her to a crib. The lamb is handmade by a company called Cuddle and Kind. I love their products because each animal you buy from them provides 10 meals to a child in school who wouldn’t have food otherwise. It’s a great company and I love their mission! I don’t want to have a lot of toys for our daughter, in keeping with the minimalist lifestyle, but I love allowing her to have things that have meaning like this little lamb! *not sponsored, I really feel this way*

I love having our clothes in this open wardrobe. I’m dreading going back to a closet! It has been so nice to know exactly what I have and be able to have it easily accessible. Everything hanging is the in-season clothes and my drawer underneath my side (the right) is filled with summer clothes. I keep my shoes on the top shelf and Leland keeps his shoes in the foyer. Our duffel bags are kept inside the canvas duffel bag you see on the top shelf. It makes it look cleaner and everything is more contained that way.

The vintage suitcase on the left side of the wardrobe on the very top I got at a yard sale for $3!:) I love the look of it. It holds wrapping paper and gift bags.

The hook rack on the wall serves many purposes for us right now. It holds my purses and book bags, our shower towels (because our bathroom doesn’t have a fan and the towels get all damp and weird if we leave them in there), and my necklaces. I still have to go through these again because I really don’t wear jewelry anymore.

The laundry hamper is underneath the rack and has a lid but Leland doesn’t put his clothes in it if the lid is closed so I flip the lid back so it’s more of an open basket all the time. It works out better that way. 🙂

The drawer set I bought at an antique store. It was a set of two but I only needed the one, so the other one is with my mom. We got them both for $60. We keep our underwear and socks in here. The very bottom drawer is my face wash, hairbrush, and other make-up/hair things. It’s very handy. 🙂 I don’t know what we’d do with our underwear otherwise.

This is the spare room/nursery. The crib was given to us by my mom. I still have to screw up the other railing but we ran out of screws and I figure since we’ll be moving soon, I shouldn’t put it all up since the baby will be sleeping in the Moses basket first anyway. The sheet on the crib is from amazon and it’s so soft! I love it! The pillows were made by my mother-in-law for my sister-in-law’s wedding. The blankets on the side I’ll be using for tummy time and covering her in the car seat. The patterned blanket is actually a blanket scarf that I just realized was too bulky to wear. I’m so happy with how well it goes with the other colors!

Half of the desk will be used for diapers and creams and such. The desk will be her changing table and I’ll put the printer somewhere else. The rest of the room is holding our random stuff that we have to go through or that we simply don’t have room for because there isn’t any storage in this house haha. I am glad that it forces us to get rid of things though. It helps with the minimalism. 🙂

We’ll, that’s our house! I’ll definitely do a house tour once we have moved and show you before pictures and then do a post of the things we change. It will be fun!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!

~ M

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