We Bought a House! – and we don’t want to keep it…

So Leland and I bought a house! Actually, we signed the papers in the hospital room right after we had our baby! It was so crazy, but SO God to work like that! It was entertaining and fun to be doing the two biggest things we’d probably ever do right there in the same moment. If you notice from the title, something has come up that makes us not want to keep the house… it really boils down to one word:


Leland’s brother and sister-in-law moved back home recently and getting to see them and know how close they would be to family, and realizing that we are now the ones who are furthest away from home, (me being 2 hours from my family and him being an hour and a half from his), made us notice even more how much we want to be the ones coming home for good, too. There’s many reasons compiling together that makes us realize we don’t want to stay in the new house for long, but here’s the main ones that we are thinking about most:

The Mortgage

If you have ever bought a house, then you know that mortgages are insane! Especially if you don’t put any money down and you have a 30-year mortgage (which I’m sure you can guess is what we did). With our insanely expensive mortgage payment, only about 10% of it or less is actually going toward the principal of the loan. By the time we would pay it off, we’d have put in three times what we bought it for. Anyone can see that that’s crazy, right? I hope I’m not the only one….

It’s Too Big

Not many people would think that our house is too big, because it’s a regular sized 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. But the way it is set up makes people not be able to hear each other, and anyone in the kitchen is completely segregated from everyone else in the house and you can’t hear anyone when you’re in there. There’s a whole basement that we aren’t using, and this huge living room that we only make use of one third of. We never eat in our dining room because we always eat at the couch since I’m nursing and eating at the same time usually and it’s more comfortable on the couch. Also, it’s sad to say that we’ve become those people who eat while watching TV…. I’m sorry, Mom.

We Aren’t Even Living There Now?!

Okay, not completely true, but partially. We lived in it for almost two months, but then we went and bought a camper so Elodie and I can go with Leland on his work trips. (There will be a blog post coming up about that and after it is up, I’ll link it here.) We have about two more weeks on this job and then we will be back to our house. After that, we’ll spend two months in West Virginia, be back home for a bit, and then spend 4 months in New York. So basically most of our upcoming months will be in our camper, or in an apartment away from home.

We Want to Build Our Own Home

Leland and I would love to build our own home. I’ve already started some designs and Pinterest boards on the matter and it’s super exciting to think that we could build a place that’s all our own and is our creative brainchild. Ideally, we want to be back home and purchase some land to build it on. BUT, we’d like to have the money saved to pay for it ourselves as opposed to building it on a loan because we’ve heard that can get crazy with a bunch of hoops to jump through in order to meet loan requirements for your building. We’ll have more freedom (both creatively and financially) if we save the money for it ourselves and wait to build until we have what we need. I’ll also be writing a blog post about what our dream house looks like for us and a few things we’d really love to include in our build. When it’s up, I’ll link it here.

This leads me to the next thing, which is why we might live in our camper and rent out our house during the next few years..

Will We Live In Our 29ft. Camper Full-time?

Short answer: maybe! First, we want to update our house enough so that it will either sell, or rent. For only renting, that probably looks like paint and flooring. For selling, we might do a few more things like update the appliances in the kitchen, change the hardware on the cabinets, update the lighting, and change the AstroTurf on the back porch. Basically, our goal is to save the most money that we can so that we can build our dream house sooner. If we find out that the best way to do that is by living in our camper for a few years and renting our house for some passive income, then that’s what we’ll do. The great thing is that life with Jesus and Leland is always an adventure and I’m so glad to be adding Elodie to our mix. I hope she loves adventuring as much as we do! So far she seems to be enjoying herself! 🙂

Passive income, tiny living, and moving back home, here we come!

If you have any advice for how to create passive income, how to live in a camper full time, or just travel tips in general, comment below! I’d love to start conversations about adventuring and traveling with you all and get to know a little bit about you in the process!:)

~ M

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