5 Inspiring Travel and Minimalism YouTube Channels

Any time that I get an idea that I want to explore, one of the first places I hit up is YouTube. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to find channels that you like because there is so much content. So, for the minimalist, traveler, or general YouTube browser, here are 5 channels that I really enjoy on YouTube for inspiration. This post is not sponsored. This is how I truly feel about these channels. 🙂

1. Minimal Millennials
This channel is run by Aubry and Christian Matney. They are married and living out of there converted sprinter van! They have a whole series of their entire trip to Mexico which is a collaboration with Eamon and Bec, another channel I really love. They post videos on minimalism, van life, travel, and making money while on the road.

2. Eamon and Bec
Eamon and Bec’s Channel is also centered around there van life and minimalism and they participated in the trip to Mexico with Aubry and Christian. They are from Canada and post videos on what it’s like living in a van in freezing temperatures, how they make money on the road, and how they manage their Chai Tea business.

3. Jinti Fell
Jinti used to live in a van with her partner Chris and her daughter Ayana. They sold their van recently and are spending a few months in a really huge home with a lot of land. They are doing this because Jinti was experiencing some health issues and needed to take a break from traveling to focus on her health. You can look back on her old videos for day in the life, what we eat in a day, van life, and travel vlogs. Her more recent videos have been daily vlogs, what we eat in a day, juicing, minimalism, and health.

4. Sarah Lemkus
The Lemkus family lived in New Zealand, but just moved to Australia for 6 months. Sarah and her husband Dan have a daughter, Beth and a son, Aubrey. They post about two videos a week and they are usually vlogs about their travels, day in the life, and what we eat in a day. If you are a parent of toddlers, this is also a good channel because she posts videos on how she feeds her children based on a vegan diet.

5. The Jurgys
Bryce and Nellie Jurgy have a travel/adventure channel. They just had a baby and they sold their house to live in a renovated RV full-time while they travel around the United States burying treasure for their fans and subscribers to find. Now is a great time to subscribe to their channel because when they come your way, you might get to find one of their treasures and if you do, you get entered in to win an international vacation for you and one other person! They are super fun and joyful people who are constantly doing something inspiring! They are filming a documentary about their trip while they travel to each state as well as posting a few videos a week about the treasures in each state and what it’s like to travel with an infant.

These are just a few of the inspiring channels you can find on YouTube. If you have any channels you love post them in the comments! I’m always up for new inspiration!:) If you happen to subscribe to any of these channels, let me know! I would love to know that I helped you find something inspiring.
~ Makayla

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