4 Inspiring Instagram Women to Follow

Instagram is a great platform to discover any kind of inspiring individual who produces great content and beautiful images. Today I thought I’d share with you my 4 favorite women to follow on Instagram.

  1. Sena Nelson // @senaenelson

Sena is an amazing photographer and a beautiful mama of 3! She raises her children in Hawaii in a 1925 plantation home. Her husband is in the navy and she has just started homeschooling her oldest daughter. She’s sweet, talented, and just a beautiful human. I love the simple, vintage beauty of her photos. If you love looking at beautiful images in your feed and learning about simple handmade clothing companies and homeschool material that Sena uses for her family, then go and give her a follow!

IMG-0160 (1)

  1. Kelsey // @mysimplysimple

Kelsey posts images documenting her Indiana farmhouse that her and her husband have been renovating. Her style is simplistic and modern, yet cozy. They are currently building a deck off the back of their house and it looks gorgeous! She’s a great person to follow if you like simplistic style photos filling your feed!


  1. Ashley Petrone // @arrowsandbow

Ashley is a mother of 3. Her and her family were living full time in their RV. They recently sold it and the land they had planned to build on and have moved to Northern California. They bought a house and are working on renovating it! Their fun-loving family has a lot of new adventures coming up!


  1. Elyse Dean // @elysendean

Elyse is another beautiful mom that values simplicity and family. She has one daughter and is pregnant with her son. Her family recently signed onto a new lease and she’s been posting about their upcoming move and styling for their new home.


These are my top favorite Instagram women to follow. I love seeing their new posts and stories on my feed – it fills me with inspiration each day! Let me know in the comments who you like following for inspiration on Instagram. I’m always up for new inspiration!

~ M

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