House Renovation Series Part 2 – Kitchen Cabinet Update

Hello, everyone! I have an exciting post for you all this week. As you can see by the title, we are talking more about the house renovation! The prospect of flipping our house is so exciting since the market in our area is super hot and Zillow has told us that our house is increasing… Continue reading House Renovation Series Part 2 – Kitchen Cabinet Update

My “Minimalist” Wardrobe and Closet Organization Tips

I've been working on minimizing my wardrobe for the past year and a half now and I've made a lot of progress, but I still have a lot more to do I think. In the coming months, especially if we end up living in our camper full time, I'll be doing more downsizing. The reason… Continue reading My “Minimalist” Wardrobe and Closet Organization Tips

House Reno Project 1 – Fireplace Facelift

It's official! Our house renovations are finally underway! Who knows when we'll get to flooring and paint, but the point is that we have finished this little project to spur along our bigger renovation projects - and that little project is… THE FIREPLACE! You knew that because of the title, but still. I'm so excited… Continue reading House Reno Project 1 – Fireplace Facelift

How to Spring-ify Your Bed

So, it's officially spring! I feel like I can hear everyone cheering (maybe it's just me). Anyway, the air is clean and the sun is bright. The change in the smell of the grass and wind always makes me want to clean and reorganize to feel just as fresh as the season. 🙂 One of… Continue reading How to Spring-ify Your Bed