I Made the Move to Self-Hosted!

Hello everyone! Today is a big day with a short message! If you are following me, I appreciate it so much! Thank you for being interested in what I have to say and following along to read my posts! It means the world. If you really do enjoy following me and don't want to miss… Continue reading I Made the Move to Self-Hosted!

Our Weekend – Annual Party at My Parent’s

Hello everyone! This week has been pretty hectic, so I am going to post mostly photo post! When I did Elodie's 4 Month Update, it had a really good response so I'm hoping you all enjoy this one too! Leland and I went home last weekend and got to spend time with our families at… Continue reading Our Weekend – Annual Party at My Parent’s

Elodie’s 4 Month Update

Hello everyone! Welcome to these 4-month photos of my beautiful Elodie! 🙂 I know this post was a little different, but I just had so many pictures of her and I thought that the pictures said more than what I could write. Elodie is so sweet and her personality is really starting to shine through.… Continue reading Elodie’s 4 Month Update

House Renovation Series Part 2 – Kitchen Cabinet Update

Hello, everyone! I have an exciting post for you all this week. As you can see by the title, we are talking more about the house renovation! The prospect of flipping our house is so exciting since the market in our area is super hot and Zillow has told us that our house is increasing… Continue reading House Renovation Series Part 2 – Kitchen Cabinet Update

Back to Goals: How to Spend the Back to School Season When You’re Not in School

Happy Saturday, everyone! Back to school season is upon us and if you're no longer in school, and if you're like me, then you miss it! Back to school shopping, planning, all of it is behind us and I can sometimes think, "Would it be so bad if I bought a binder and a pack… Continue reading Back to Goals: How to Spend the Back to School Season When You’re Not in School

4 Inspiring Instagram Women to Follow

Instagram is a great platform to discover any kind of inspiring individual who produces great content and beautiful images. Today I thought I’d share with you my 4 favorite women to follow on Instagram. Sena Nelson // @senaenelson Sena is an amazing photographer and a beautiful mama of 3! She raises her children in Hawaii… Continue reading 4 Inspiring Instagram Women to Follow

House Reno Project 1 – Fireplace Facelift

It's official! Our house renovations are finally underway! Who knows when we'll get to flooring and paint, but the point is that we have finished this little project to spur along our bigger renovation projects - and that little project is… THE FIREPLACE! You knew that because of the title, but still. I'm so excited… Continue reading House Reno Project 1 – Fireplace Facelift

We Bought a House! – and we don’t want to keep it…

So Leland and I bought a house! Actually, we signed the papers in the hospital room right after we had our baby! It was so crazy, but SO God to work like that! It was entertaining and fun to be doing the two biggest things we'd probably ever do right there in the same moment.… Continue reading We Bought a House! – and we don’t want to keep it…

My Phone is Listening to Me?!

No, I don't mean that my phone understands me and is there for me emotionally as I go through life, listening to my needs and helping me out. My phone is literally listening to me all the time and I've had some weird experiences lately which have creeped me out considerably and sent me on… Continue reading My Phone is Listening to Me?!