My “Minimalist” Wardrobe and Closet Organization Tips

I've been working on minimizing my wardrobe for the past year and a half now and I've made a lot of progress, but I still have a lot more to do I think. In the coming months, especially if we end up living in our camper full time, I'll be doing more downsizing. The reason… Continue reading My “Minimalist” Wardrobe and Closet Organization Tips

5 Inspiring Travel and Minimalism YouTube Channels

Any time that I get an idea that I want to explore, one of the first places I hit up is YouTube. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to find channels that you like because there is so much content. So, for the minimalist, traveler, or general YouTube browser, here are 5 channels that I really… Continue reading 5 Inspiring Travel and Minimalism YouTube Channels

We Bought a House! – and we don’t want to keep it…

So Leland and I bought a house! Actually, we signed the papers in the hospital room right after we had our baby! It was so crazy, but SO God to work like that! It was entertaining and fun to be doing the two biggest things we'd probably ever do right there in the same moment.… Continue reading We Bought a House! – and we don’t want to keep it…

5 Ways to Minimize

Taking the jump to become a minimalist and downsize your possessions can be overwhelming sometimes! Here are 5 ways to make minimizing your possessions easier. 🙂 1. If you have more than one of something, choose the one or two that are the most useful, bring the most joy, or have the most meaning. When… Continue reading 5 Ways to Minimize

Why Minimalism Entices Me

Probably everyone has heard of minimalism by now and knows the movement. From tiny homes, to living out of one duffel bag, to only owning one spoon, minimalism to the general public can seem like this ridiculously impractical lifestyle. Let me tell you that the thing that entices me about minimalism is probably what most… Continue reading Why Minimalism Entices Me