Army Corps Travels – Almost Done!

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while, but life has been so hectic since this travelling has become the norm for us. Let me catch you all up - The second leg of our journey, I was unable to go with Leland because I had exams that I had to take in person at… Continue reading Army Corps Travels – Almost Done!

Army Corps Travels – Day 1

Hey everyone! Since we have moved, my husband got a new job with the Army Corps of Engineers as a welder. He's been doing a lot of training and his first time welding for the Army Corps is in a different state! For the next few months we will be traveling back and forth from… Continue reading Army Corps Travels – Day 1

Finding Your Passion

So, firstly, there are no exact answers to this question or any specific formula that should be followed to get a perfect result. Finding and following your passion can be one of the hardest things to do. I have found that there is a lot of pressure on people these days to figure out what… Continue reading Finding Your Passion

Corolla, NC 4-Wheel Beach

Last May, Leland and I got engaged on Corolla Beach North Carolina. This year, we were so happy to come back as a married couple! There are so many things to do and explore in Corolla and so much relaxing time that offers opportunities for reflecting on God's mercy and His wonderful creation. There's a… Continue reading Corolla, NC 4-Wheel Beach

How to Spring-ify Your Bed

So, it's officially spring! I feel like I can hear everyone cheering (maybe it's just me). Anyway, the air is clean and the sun is bright. The change in the smell of the grass and wind always makes me want to clean and reorganize to feel just as fresh as the season. 🙂 One of… Continue reading How to Spring-ify Your Bed

Unconventional: 4 Ways to Earn College Credit

Hello everyone! As a student with Lumerit Education, I have a very flexible degree plan that I can do at my own pace and focus on my own interests when picking my classes. There are many different ways I have learned of (and tried) to earn college credit the unconventional, unbound way! Here are some of… Continue reading Unconventional: 4 Ways to Earn College Credit